Shared iTunes Account Rules & Guidelines Agreement

This offer is for access to a shared iTunes account for the Russian iTunes store available to all publishers on Plus Premieres. The rules and guidelines and how to get access are explained below.

  • Do not use account for personal use
  • Only use this account to buy popular music that our viewers will download
  • You can not buy music older than 60 days unless you have approval from an admin
  • All purchased material must be posted on
  • Be mindful of what you are purchasing, if what you are going to purchase is already out online don't buy it using this account
  • Everything you purchase must be explicit advisory unless it is not available
  • Do not share your access to the account with anyone
  • Access to the account may be revoked at anytime without warning or explanation
  • Rules & guidelines are subject to change at anytime without notice

Remember, someone has to pay for this account, therefore do not go on spending sprees and waste all the credit on the account.

The Russian iTunes store refreshes at 2PM EST where as the United States iTunes store refreshes at 11PM EST. Therefore, music will be available first on the Russian store. Keep in mind not all music will be available on the Russian iTunes store in which case you will have to use your own account to buy from another country store.

If you agree to these rules simply use this form to contact Spiffy and state your in chat name and that you agree to this agreement. Please use a valid email address and once approved you will be sent details for account access. If you do not already have access to publish on Plus Premieres please provide an email along with your agreement so you may be invited to publish.

**This offer is currently only available for current publishers
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